Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eel Pop

I must admit that I haven't been keeping up with my Japan wire as religiously as I could. Part of it is the fact that the system I was using for that purpose died, but the other reason is that I didn't think I would come by anything all that interesting. Sure there's the stabbing epidemic going on over there, but that's just further proof that the world is mad.

However as usual I was wrong, with the story about a new beverage, eel pop:
"It's mainly for men who are exhausted by the summer's heat," Hayashi said of the beverage, believed to be the first mass-produced eel drink in Japan.
How 'exhausted' do you have to be for that to taste good? But, I guess a night of smoking and pachinko would wear down the best of us.
Demand for eel is so high that Japan has been hit by scores of eel fraud cases, including a recent high-profile incident in which a government ministry publicly scolded two companies for mislabeling eel imported from China as being domestically grown.
One would think they wouldn't be so choosey about where their glorified worms came from.

I know this doesn't top that Japanese snake liquor, pictures of which I know are floating around on the net somewhere. Just the thought of that stuff existing makes me nauseous.

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