Monday, July 07, 2008

A Different Dimension

Is there a cheaper, crappier PC than the Dell Dimension? Is that why they scrapped the name in favor of 'Inspiron'? This was a name that was formally reserved for the worlds cheapest, crappiest laptops.

$300 for a desktop? It's tempting, until I crack the case on one and discover that someone has found a way to make already cheap components even cheaper. I shook my head in disbelief when the one I recently worked on was not only extra stingy with the power connectors, but also had them trimmed to the centimeter required for connecting to the (crappy) components inside. It looks good on paper until some poor sap, such as myself, has to disconnect something.

Historically, Dell's Optiplex line has had better configurations, but they're so cheap now that I tend to doubt it. That, and they've also been even more prone to proprietary configurations which leave you at the mercy of Dell for all service parts.

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