Wednesday, July 30, 2008


From Drudge link:
China will censor the Internet used by foreign media during the Olympics, an organising committee official confirmed Wednesday, reversing a pledge to offer complete media freedom at the games.
This reminds of something John McCain said about the commie Vietnamese who would make you an open ended promise but then renege at the last moment in order to ensure that you would/could do nothing about it.

However, since the Chinese are being extra diligent about blocking traffic, maybe they could find it in their abilities to block all the friggin' port scans and attacks coming from that hole they call a country. Check this out:

For reasons I won't get into (because they're boring), this chart greatly understates the issue, but the trend is clear.

*Herndon, VA is where AOL/Time Warner/Road Runner are out of. For whatever reason (probably incompetence), they're the largest transgressor when it comes to port scans among the large American ISPs; at least for me.

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