Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stick to the Tech

Unsurprisingly a lot of tech trade publishers are based out of San Francisco, close to the American tech homeland of San Jose. Equally unsurprisingly tech publishers have roughly the same political outlook as Pravda. For example, they make excuses for the physically nearby Apple and philosophically nearby Linux while continually damming Redmond based Microsoft.

A little bad history never hurts either. One Roy Mark comments:
Perhaps Congressman Frank Wolf is just disappointed that President Bush is ignoring his advice to not attend the Beijing Olympics as a protest against China's human rights abuses. It could be his concerns that history will "never, ever, ever forgive" Americans for attending the Olympics. Maybe he just misses Ronald Reagan.
I could really care less about the Olympics - the athletic equivalent of the U.N. - but I'm afraid Mr. Mark is thinking of Jimmy Carter when referencing presidents who boycotted commie Olympics during the Cold War.

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