Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Senate Loan

So two senators get sweetheart financing deals from a mortgage lender and then, lo and behold, a bill is produced that seeks to bail out the lender for their poor decision making. Coincidence? Only on planet CNN where the '(D)' after the senator's names gives them the benefit of the doubt. Not do be outdone, Rich Lowry at NRO rushes to the senator's "defense" as well:
What an unfortunate coincidence: An innocent loan inquiry and Sen. Conrad gets put on the phone with a CEO with myriad high-stakes interests before Congress. Most people asking about their mortgages don’t get put through to the CEO, but they don’t live with the burdens of senatordom. Conrad was particularly vulnerable because, apparently a financial naif, he’s only chairman of the Senate Budget Committee that sets the parameters for the $3 trillion federal budget.
Not to fear though, the Sandmich always has a solution in mind!:

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