Sunday, May 18, 2008

Three Strikes

Bad news down the road from where I live:
Torok, a crack addict [who had been arrested 36 times], smashed a 15-pound rock over Chevonne Ecclestone's head repeatedly May 10 and stole her wallet and car.

The attack came 10 days after Torok was released from a two-year prison sentence for robbery, his eighth conviction for the crime.
The first question everyone around here asked was "why was this guy out!?!?"

It turns out that Ohio does not have a three strikes law, something that I would have been sure the somewhat lazy Republicans in the state capital would have passed years ago. Fortunately someone is looking to correct this oversight:
"He would have been off the streets if this bill was a law," said Grendell, a Chester Township Republican. "He wouldn't have been able to prey on innocent women walking in a park in Parma.

"He is the best example that I have ever seen to have a three-strikes law in Ohio. This guy is beyond being a poster boy. The system simply broke down."
I love how he isn't even a legislator from where the crime occurred since that representative is no doubt a lefty who represents this strain of thought:
But opponents fear the law would stretch crowded prisons beyond their breaking point, forcing construction of new prisons and higher taxes to pay for them. They also don't want prisons to become geriatric units for elderly inmates filling cells needed for younger, more violent offenders.
You can fire up the gallows if you have such a lack of desire to put more people in jail, but I've yet to talk to anyone who wouldn't pay to keep people like Torok behind bars. Granted I don't travel in academic and other hard lefty circles where they practically take baths in tenderizer for those who seek to consume them, but it's not exactly 'conservative country' up here in Northeast Ohio either.

Indeed, regular citizens of all stripes see the government's primary calling not to be building stadiums or funding gay art shows, but to be protecting their citizens from people like Torok. Cook up a ballot initiative, it'll pass.

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mrs Sandmitch said...

Screw the three strikes law use them as lab rats they give up their rights when they harm a human being Heck They arent even good enough to call human so they shouldn't have rights to start with . Otherwise if we ever do pass a 3 strike law still use em for lab rat maybe wecan cure cancer then . AND DON'T give me it is crule and unusual punishment that is BS they should be thankful they are breathing .