Friday, May 09, 2008

Bento Watch #38

On the bottom left I have curry tofu chunks and a big shrimper. On the bottom right I have the previously mentioned citrus daikon along with some edemame. On the top middle I have my rice with a new furikake I had purchased. It turns out the old one I'd had was made in, ugh, China. The Asian market had a bunch of varieties of the Chinese furikake, all of which were the same apart from the label, but they only had two different Japanese ones. The one I bought is an egg/tamago flavor.

This one is spicy tofu, smoked salmon and a carrot-cucumber quick pickle that was sold as a deli item at the Asian market.

One the left is more spicy tofu along with some teriyaki chicken thigh. On the left is a pretty respectable lemon infused crab-cucumber salad. I had made it with the rather detestable fake lobster, so it probably would have been even better with fake crab (or heavenly with real crab).

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