Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bento Watch #37

This one features a healthy 'oven fried' tilapia which Mrs. Sandmich cooked up. I note it since it held up rather well as a 'packed' food, much better (and better for you) than you would get with a tempura type recipe.

Ahh where did this one go wrong? I made a valiant effort to cook larger portions of several recipes so that my prep-time per bento ratio wouldn't be so skewed for something that normally takes me twice as long to cook as to eat. Unfortunately I didn't know how the recipes would come out before I cooked five portions of something that I could barely tolerate once.

Anyway, on the left is a shrimp sukiyaki which is noted for only containing half the items that he original recipe called for. Worst of all I used a Chinese starch bread rather than the funky, unobtainable Japanese roasted gluten that was originally called for. I have to say though that it came out better than expected, kinda' like a Asian shrimp meatloaf. I was able to eat it for a couple days before Kid Sandmich put the rest of it out its misery.

On the far right there's a pretty acceptable cabbage and mandarin orange salad. Then on the near right we have the interesting smoked salmon rolled up sushi style with thin slices of daikon and cucumber. For those not in the know, a daikon has the exact same taste as a radish, but it's shaped like a giant, white carrot. Tasty enough in small batches, most of the recipes in the cookbook I have revolve around trying to find ways to make bulk amounts of daikon edible, and this recipe is no different.

First I peel the cucumber and daikon lengthwise for the thin strips, then I coat them both with salt and wring out the excess water. I then layer them out and roll them up with the smoked salmon in the center. The result is less than stellar. My first impression was something along the lines of "fishy bike tire" and I could only ever eat about half of what I made (Kid Sandmich seemed to like them a little better than I though).

Two of the items here are the same as the last, but on the inner right I have the award winner for edible daikon bento: a quick citrus daikon pickle. On the inner left I have a miso eggplant recipe that came out pretty good the first time I made it, before I decided to pad it out and add mushrooms and daikon to it - disgusting, it tastes like it looks in my opinion. Mrs. Sandmich on the other had, who is a much bigger fan of the eggplant, liked it fine.

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