Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bento Watch #36

Holy amnesia, it's been more than a year since my last bento post!?! What's up with that? I guess that explains my folder full of bentos that I've never posted.

The star of this bit is some teriyaki'd sea scallops. With this lunch I also got into the short lived habit of padding my meal out with a giant salad (like, half a head of lettuce), until Mrs. Sandmich pointed out that I was just keeping my stomach overly huge for the next time I go to the pizza buffet.

It was also about this time that I had to pick up some more wakame seaweed bits for my miso soup. Previously I would cold pack my soup and put hot water in at work because the seaweed would be the consistency of....something not very pleasant by the time I got around to eating it. I discovered though that I had picked up Chinese seaweed previously and that my newly acquired Japanese seaweed held up quite well, enabling me to hot pack the soup and keep my rice warm. Guess the Chinese can't even dry out a vegetable correctly.

The original recipe called for swordfish, but I picked up some more affordable shark instead. It's cooked in a teriyaki sauce and wrapped with a little piece of nori to set it off. The BIG thing I picked up from this recipe, though, was that in addition to the regular teriyaki ingredients, this one called for fresh squeezed ginger juice, tasty! This added a layer of taste complexity which (unfortunately) a lot of Japanese food sometimes needs.

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