Tuesday, April 01, 2008


A special cheer to my brother-in-law Joe on his 40th birthday. I feel bad for him since he probably gets sick of saying "yes, it REALLY IS on that day"; I know I thought he was joking around for months before I decided that the joke really wouldn't be that funny, so it must really be April 1st! Anyway he's the closest thing I'll probably have to an older brother, unless my other sister marries Rupert Murdoch or something, so happy birthday.

BTW, I should point out that his employer who shall remain nameless (TOYOTA) can't make a clutch to save their ass. My ancient Saturn has now had its clutch outlast the clutches in two consecutive Toyota vehicles in the last ten years or so (to say nothing of the fact that it completely outlasted one of the vehicles). HU-MILIATION!*

I only mention this because he's such a zealot for the cars produced by his employer ;-)

*I finally found the keyword to use on Youtube for finding Japanese game shows

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