Friday, March 28, 2008

Peking Olympic Boycott?

I love this Reporters Without Border's bit:

Time for companies like McDonald's and NBC to really show how much of that corporate responsibility B.S. they actually believe. I boldly predict: none.

Nope, the whole thing reminds me of a bit in the WSJ a couple months ago that profiled horribly polluting fabric companies in China and their Western enablers. Of course the Western companies had 'environmental management' departments, but as someone told me, they're more CYA than anything else since paying for 'in house environmentalists' is proof enough of a company's environmental concern.

So to will go the Olympics. I'm sure the companies involved in sponsoring the games will cook up some lipstick for the pig they've bought, but they're in on the unkept secret of colonization that people realized after the War: why invade a country, oppress it's people, exploit it's resources and ruin it's environment when it's so much easier just to pay locals to do it to themselves!

No, no boycott, but how about a fiasco? I can only hope! In some ways that would be better since the facists Commies would have no one but themselves to blame.

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