Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Asian Candies

Made in: Japan

I'm a fan of the calorie-rific mochis and this one is a chestnut flavored mochi. Unfortunately the chestnut flavor isn't really strong enough to break out so this mochi tastes about as generic as the straight up red bean paste variety (the center of the mochis is typically a mix of flavored red bean paste and something else).

Made in: China

A roasted coconut hard candy? Yep and it's as tasty as it sounds. Unfortunately since it's made in China I space out my consumption in order to give my body a chance to process all the probable toxins in it. The manufacturer at least made an effort to sedate the buyer by printing all kind of regulatory BS that their company complies with on the back of package but, meh, that's what they all say.

Made in: Taiwan

Green tea mochis in a 'bar' format instead of the traditional round. They have a noticeable, though subtle green tea niceness to them. I'll probably put them on my 'buy again' list.

Made in: Taiwan

This product gets a star for the name alone! Unfortunately it's mango-ness is inferior to the Filipino product I reviewed nearly four years ago.

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