Friday, February 29, 2008


I'll tell you what, if someone had come to me 14 or so years ago and said "You might hate Hillary with a seething passion now, but you'll actually want her to win the Democratic primary in 2008", I probably would've thought "Cripe, what kind of freak did they find to run? Some black nationalist whitie hater? Some kind of minority David Duke - someone who has repulsive personal views but a gifted tongue with which to cover them up? No way will I want that dyke to beat anyone!"

Well, ‘way’.

I certainly would prefer Hillary to win Texas and Ohio, and not because I think she's easier for McCain to beat, but because it's not worth chancing getting this American Hugo Chavez voted into office; a man whose best assessments have been that he'll be Jimmy Carter the II, that and his America/Whitie hating wife who drools for the chance to become the worlds greatest race baiter.

But, alas, it's probably not to be as Obama is saturation bombing the area with his idiotic ads. While watching The Simpsons there was a stinkin' Obama ad every commercial break, to say nothing of the radio (best to stay away from ad supported radio). Anyway I whipped up this bit in Photoshop which proves that I can find the layer filters on the tool bar:

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