Thursday, February 28, 2008

C'mon Daisy don't drown me this time

I think it was Verizon who was plugging their Chocolate cell phone when they play the beginning of a song that sounded a lot like Catherine Wheel's 'Sparks Are Gonna Fly' and I'd think "COOL, finally some marketers with some music taste". But my hopes were dashed when it turned out to be some crappy techno tune that figured was a jingle.

Turns out though it was Goldfrapp's 'Strict Machine' as I recently learned from my latest DDR purchase*. Every time I hear I feel the need to turn it off and listen to the much better tune it got me thinking of. (Interesting that Sony/BMG posted their own video. They went the extra mile and uploaded a lousy compressed encoding of the video (probably saved from some other crappy stream service they were running) and then disabled embedding; bite me Sony).

* For the record, DDR Max2 and DDR Supernova are the best DDR games for the PS2. All the others seem to be lacking something, namely an overabundance of eighties tunes, trance, and J-Pop.

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