Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Software Side of Spyware

Big news in tech circles is the distribution of a spyware package by Sears, and since I don't know if it's made it outside of the tech nerd circles I'd figure I'd note it since I hate Sears with a fiery passion*:
The scariest part of this incident is what Sears continues to say on its "My SHC Community" page. In a very prominent part of the page—surrounded by lots of white space—is this proud claim: "My SHC Community does NOT sell personal information." That's true. It doesn't sell it. It steals it and uses it for its own purposes.
At least in my experience this is pretty typical of Sears customer service, I always suspected that my poor experiences at that place were rooted in the Sears corporate culture.

As usual Benjamin Edelman has an excellent analysis.

*The only thing I’ll give Sears is there Craftsman line of hand tools which I grew to trust while repairing bikes at Toys R Us. The Chinese tools always fell apart while I could physically stand on a Craftsman socket driver to loosen a tight nut.

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