Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Six White Teens Beat Black Man

Oops, had it backwards, it's actually six black teens beat a white man to within an inch of his life. Of course you would have heard of the fake one by now while the real one barely registers a footnote (I over exaggerate slightly since the story did have some legs up here). Local curmudgeon Dick Feagler calls it like it is while the editors of the paper try to blow sunshine up people's cabooses. The area in question (Shaker Heights) is much like other areas that butt up to a university campus on one side, a tony neighborhood on the other, and slums for much else; so the area may stay integrated, if no other reason than to protect the rich that live just east of that city.

After thinking about the headline though, I thought of one other that would probably rank lower: six black teens beat black man to within an inch of his life. Now THAT would definitely not rate a shrug by any media that I know of.

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