Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Hate Symantec

SBC used to give users of their Internet service a virus scanner by Computer Associates to protect their computer. Although I've never been that big of a fan of CA's products, their free scanner was sufficient and didn't put a dent in the old computer resources. For whatever reason though, SBC's last update included removing the CA product and putting on a version of the dreaded Symantec Norton System Protector.

Every couple of years when I am forced to deal with a Symantec product anew, I always hold out hope that they fixed the crap that has dogged their products for lthe past fifteen years. Alas, I am always disappointed.

  • Unstable? Don't try stopping something called "Symantec IS Password Validation", that will just piss it off and bring your system to it's knees until you're forced to reboot.

  • Resource usage? I had to make a batch file to stop the services so that my PC will be usable every now and then. But don't try running Outlook with them stopped! I don't know what orifice Symantec put it's fist in, but Outlook hangs horrid when it tries to run without the Symantec spyware running.

  • Live Update? Holy hell, this is one of the worst pieces of software ever written. I swear this is just an ongoing co-op project for Symantec interns. I refuse to believe that real developers could have anything to do with it. An unstable, talky and incompetent POS.

I'll probably revert to the bootleg thin client that McAfee puts out for their corporate clients. It's not as all encompassing as that Symantec bloat, but at least my PC won't just exist to run the anti-virus package.

This is what my Norton looks like ALL THE TIME.

Nope, not a big Symantec fan. Microsoft can always rest easy about their coding quality while boobs like Symantec are around.

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