Saturday, December 29, 2007

Internet Wasteland

I installed a new spam filter at work as our poor e-mail server was straining under the load of serving up mailboxes AND processing the phenomenal amount of 'spam' attacks. Ah for the day when spam was just spam, now the traffic consists of address book attacks, trojan horse virus payloads and targeted 'spear' phishing (which is particularly scary).

Anyway this new filter sends out a daily report and yesterday we had around 36000 email attempts of which not even one percent got through. Particularly outrageous was the 6 PM hour where we got 3440 attempts (close to one a second) and you can take a guess at how many were judged legit enough to make it through the filter. It was closer to ten than ten percent I'll guarantee you that.

1 comment:

Evil Sandmich said...

The correct answer is 11. 11 out of 3440, friggin ridiculous.