Monday, December 17, 2007

Fear of the Horizon

I was half listening to a local radio show when they put on one of their canned bits from a noted comedian. Now I don't know the name of the comedian (I wasn't paying attention at that point) but as part of his bit he made a note that by the year 20xx whites would be a minority in the U.S., at which point the audience riotously cheered. (For what it's worth the comedian was white).

"eww" I thought. Now I won't get into the "can you imagine..." game as that's easy enough for us all to visualize. "Well", I thought "if they're so fired up and whitey is so evil why don't they just start getting rid of whitey on a more....accelerated basis". Oh yeah....

Well if it's any solace, whites, despite their sins, are the closest thing the planet is probably going get for an honest broker. Minorities who yearn to own the whole pie need not look any further than panaceas like Detroit (or Zimbabwe) to know that they're going to get exactly what they deserve.

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