Friday, November 23, 2007

OS Wars

From Slash-Dot:
About 200 people lined up in light rain to buy the software at Apple's
store in the ritzy Ginza district of Tokyo.
And that would be around 200 more people who lined up anywhere on the planet to buy Microsoft's Vista. Apple can get away with this since they have a more modest development cycle and can get away with charging $100 for a well rounded upgrade (though the security issues that have plagued the OS don't do as much to differentiate it from M$). Contrast this to Microsoft which puts out a modest upgrade, but has to price gouge out the wazoo to make up for their poor project management and outrageous development costs per feature (most of which were dumped in the final version).

In related news, Wal-Mart sold out of the first 10,000 of their cheapo $200 Linux machines. It will be interesting to see how well these hold up in the long run, especially since it looks like the majority of that first set went to Linux fan boys.

On both points, it would be nice to see some price pressure on Microsoft so that they might not get away with charging $200 for a crappy upgrade; but I'm not holding out hope.

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