Sunday, November 11, 2007

Even More J-Candy

First off is a citrus flavored candy made by Lotte, a company who appears to love overly dramatic candy packaging*:

This one is odd since it has a picture of a lime/lemon thing on the front and it tastes about the same. It features a gooey center a the package includes two or three jumbo sized pieces (regular packaging is on the right, jumbo left). It's nice enough but it continues a disturbing feature that I see all too often in foreign candies: hard candy that tastes like cough drops. Thankfully this was more towards Ludens than Halls (Ludens being a cough drop that tastes like candy; how I loved having a 'sore throat' in grade school while using a pack of Ludens to treat it).

Next up is an adventurous attempt by Ribbon at a banana split type candy:

Despite having dehydrated strawberry bits in the candy, the mildly fake banana flavor runs roughshod over the delicacy of the taste. Again, it’s not bad, but little more than a glorified flavored Tootsie Roll.

Lastly we have a daifuku whose contents listed custard:

Oh my, it was all I could do to keep from woofing all these down in one sitting. They taste like a little flan pudding, except for the texture. I figured the great flavor would have wider appeal and my coworker volunteered to taste it. She of course liked it, apart from the raw bread dough like texture of the daifuku.

*If you think that's dramatic, check out their mission statement, or whatever it is.

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