Thursday, October 25, 2007

Streaming Tunes

When my alarm went off yesterday I learned about yet another facet of the American music industry's insanity. The DJ at the local college station that my alarm was tuned to said that he was running late on his tracks because once a quarter ("or" as he said "once every four months for those who can't do math", ahem)* the RIAA has them enter in every song they play into a computer over the course of two weeks. In order to help combat piracy they have to enter the song title, artist, album name, and how many people are listening on the Internet.

What in the hell does that accomplish? Did the RIAA decide that it didn't have enough enemies and that it figured it should (further) torcher those most dependent on their product? Oye.

*You're doing pretty bad when I'm out smarting you when I first get up; even the dog outsmarts me in the morning. Also, this was obviously the Cleveland State station and not the Case Western station.

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