Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Michigan Notes

I was at a bar/restaurant dealie on my latest travels to central Michigan. Before I get into that, I’ll point out that the people who passed the smoking ban in Ohio are nothing but a bunch of nosy busy bodies whose only interest is controlling the lives of their fellow citizens, but I will concede that places that serve alcohol in Ohio have become significantly more habitable since the ban took effect.

I was reminded of that fact in Michigan when I got a side of free phlegm with my meal at what would otherwise be a pretty nice place to eat. As well, I've been to the local (Ohio) bar several times which would have been unthinkable without the smoking ban. I hate the control freaks who passed the ban, but I no longer care that it passed, and wouldn't care (and would probably prefer) if they passed elsewhere.

On another note, years (and years) ago, the Ohio lottery broke out their daily lottery drawings to be twice a day. "Who would want to play that thing twice a day?" I thought. Well Michigan has gone one better and using video terminals in bars they have drawings every four friggin' minutes. Would-be casual gamblers note, there's not much more depressing than seeing a bunch of losers smoking down a pack while they drop their days pay on state sponsored gambling.

I don't think I can go into a bar in Michigan again.

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