Friday, October 05, 2007

Government Black List

From Strategy Page:
Last month the U.S. Army locked out Time Warner's Roadrunner customers, because Time Warner refused to act on army complaints that hackers were using Roadrunner access to try and hack into military networks. The army lock out got Time Warner's attention (they said they had no idea the hacking was going on.)
And the reason Time Warner didn't have any idea was because they flat out don't care. Rather than take some modest steps to secure their networks, ISPs put on their best Sergeant Schultz face and declare "I zee nauthzing, nauthzing!"

This does bring up a troubling idea though: the government blacklisting ISPs ('black listing' is the semi-tech term used to describe what the U.S. Army did to Time Warner). Granted it was fairly justified in this case, but I wait for some government do-gooder to blacklist some ISP out of some spite related to a fashionable stand (such as trying to bring down a controversial web page). Best to squelch this right now.

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