Friday, October 12, 2007

Misguided Efforts

From here:
Investigators had downloaded about half the videotaped images late Thursday, police spokesman Paul J. Browne said. He said they planned to review tape from up to seven digital security cameras in and around the building where the noose was discovered early Tuesday morning.

Police also were testing the 4-foot-long piece of twine for DNA evidence and interviewing students and faculty, but said they had no suspects in the case.

Meanwhile, police were called to the Ivy League campus again Thursday to probe another distasteful discovery — a caricature of a yarmulke-wearing man and a swastika found on a bathroom stall door. The NYPD's thought hate crime unit was investigating the black-ink drawing, but police said there was no reason to believe the two incidents were linked.
I remember when my sister's place got broken into (twice), it's all the police could do to come out and file a report and say "meh". Maybe she should have pretended she was black (an unimaginable uber stretch to be sure) and charged 'hate crime' instead of 'break in'. Maybe then the local law enforcement may have made an effort to catch the perps.

Likewise, it's amazing the resources being mustered to find the perps against this rich black woman. The poor black women in Cleveland who are threatened with real crime everyday can forget ever having this amount of care and concern ever being directed towards them.

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