Saturday, September 08, 2007

More Linux Fun

I attempted to install Xubuntu on a PC of mine and received an odd error. Needless to say unless Linux stops requiring posts like this just to install the operating system, it shall always be a bit player. Sample:
seems /dev/hd drives have become /dev/sd drives cause of new lbata as /dev/clast says above. you should really switch to UUID's for your drives though
Gee, thanks!
Some other suggestions put forward are to use one of the several different Linux distros out there instead; but my experience has been that all you accomplish after several hours (at least) of downloading is swapping one problem for another.

For instance, my Fedora install at work has the clock stop on the PC (thus locking it up) if you use the canned install routines. The only work around is that I have to (*ugh*) build my Linux kernel, which is as much as it sounds like.

I guess that's why every year for the past ten years someone writes an article to the effect of 'Linux, finally ready for prime time!'. Unfortunately it looks like Linux will always be the OS of tomorrow.

Oye, why is Microsoft the only ones who can write an general use OS?

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