Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toll Workers of the World

When I was driving back from a recent business trip I was coming down I-80, Ohio's lone toll road. While I was on it I gave half a thought to the idea that Ohio might be able to change all the highways to toll and get rid of the odious income tax (a'la Florida). Of course, I eventually came to the toll booth and was cleansed of that thought.

Would it be possible, ever, for toll booth workers (in Ohio at least) to pretend that they don't hate their decent paying, lifetime employment job for the combined 2 minutes I have to deal with them every year? I know they're probably upset about having a job that's basically a screw-over for everyone on the road*, but I don't think they have to be bitter about it!

Anyway, for at least the toll booth workers in Ohio, and probably elsewhere, a special summer time message from the Sandmich:

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*Despite being the lone toll road in the state, I-80 is in just as much a deplorable state as the other highways and with just as many (if not more) cops.

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