Sunday, August 19, 2007

Latin Doggy

Please humor me if you would for another pet obit...

Our dog Sylva died recently and it's amazing how much one can come to depend on a larger, ornery dog to keep you stuff in line. Sylva was one of the smartest dogs I've seen, with the familial protection instincts of a Golden Retriever and the orneriness of a Chow.
Regular ES readers will recognize Sylva from various winter pics when she would take advantage of the snow and twenty degree weather to cool down.
We named her after a Latin word that I picked up in high school. Meaning 'forest' or 'woods', I had the intention of naming a future daughter Sylva, but opted to use it with the dog when I determined it too obscure to curse a child with (though, the name Sylvia is a direct derivative of the Latin 'sylva').

Anyway, after more than thirteen years of companionship and spoiling us with her protective instincts, she will be sorely missed.

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