Friday, August 24, 2007

It Came from the Camera Phone

My mother-in-law is old school and still keeps excess lard for cooking purposes:

More power to her; the one time I tried doing that the stuff went rancid within minutes so I don't quite have the skills to pull it off.

On our trip to Mammoth Cave, we stopped by one of the many depressing souvenir stores. I remember going to those as a kid and marveling at the huge 'cave gems' they had, until my dad casually pointed out that they were glass. That doesn't stop them from selling stuff like the bubble-laden-cave-gem / recycled-sprite-bottles below for $100 or more.

I spied this over a gas pump at a local service station that's run by a regional grocery concern:

Shows the market penetration of sushi; or I should say, 'sushi' since these fake-crab filled rolls are clearly pressed out by a machine that may (or may not) be located in the same time zone. Still, it can provide a quick fix for junkies like me who might be looking to eat some sushi but need something to fill the void until the real deal can be obtained.

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