Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fortune Cookie

Here's a picture of an actual fortune that Mr. Kendall pulled out of a fortune cookie at a local Chinese buffet:

In other Asian restaurant news, I made stop by for an impulse sushi purchase at a local Asian themed restaurant (Wild Ginger). While there, I noticed a bottle of Zen Green Tea liqueur up on the shelf. Intrigued, we asked the lady who was serving as bartender what it was all about. She said that they were having issues developing mixed drinks with it; which is understandable since I would think green tea wouldn't lend itself well to mixed drinks. Or so I thought.

She let us (me) try a couple jiggers (it tasted like a children’s cough syrup) and I then bounced the idea of actual green tea+soda water+the liqueur might make a pretty respectable drink. I figured she'd play with it later but she brewed some tea up on the spot, mixed it up and gave me the drink (at this point I already had two beers in me, so it wound up being a bit of a challenge to walk right out to the car*). Tasted pretty good. It was like a green tea with attitude.

Anyway, she said I could name it since I came up with the recipe, but since my first name the 'Kancho Kooler' was rejected I kinda lost interest :)

*At one point while I was drinking the mixed drink I told Mrs. Sandmich that it didn't have that much alcohol in it, at which point the bartender got a puzzled look and double checked to see how much she put in. At that point I knew I was screwed since it wasn't that it didn't have that much alcohol, but that I couldn't taste it.

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