Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Movies

The Simpsons

Bit of a disappointment. I was hoping for a movie that would return The Simpsons to what made it great in its early runs fifteen or so years ago, but it wound up being a movie length version of the same crap they've been running on the small screen for the last couple years. It typifies lazy, elitist humor of the day by making PC enviro claims while making fun of working class whites and Christians (the only two groups you can make fun of without having to worry about the ire of the NYT editorial board). Visually stunning though; if I didn't speak English I would've guessed it was one of the greatest things ever made. I should point out that all the golden moments from the film are in the trailers over on YouTube. Heck, even this Burger King ad was more enjoyable than much of the film.

Rescue Dawn

A beautifully shot, if rather depressing film. I probably have a favorably biased opinion of this film since I saw it after that mediocre Simpsons movie. Kudos to Christian Bale for a fine performance. I know he had lost weight for the film, but I think this the first time I saw an actor change his weight for a role while the film was in production. I know he has trouble changing that goofy expression on his face; but when it came to this film, as the football players might say, he 'left it all on the field'. My only minor gripe with the film is that it had a slight 'foriegn' twinge to it (for lack of a better term I’ll call it ‘conceited amateurism’). I can't quite put my finger on it, but a reviewer elsewhere said it had to do with the fact that the German director didn't have the ability to shoot an English language production properly. I dunno, but I was happy to see many more people in at least our theater watching Rescue Dawn than were in with us to see The Simpsons.

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