Monday, July 16, 2007

Secret Mind Powers

Here's a guy who knows how to make friends. His thesis (supported by many facts) is that A) Brain power determines success and B) Since brain power isn't distributed evenly among the nations, some countries are smarter than others, then those with more brain power will be more successful. I would lay out some specifics, but one need only to scan the globe in order to come to much the same conclusion. However, I like this line from a reader review:
Like many important discoveries in science, it seems obvious in retrospect that these national differences in intelligence must inevitably determine differences in economic development. Indeed, it seems astonishing that no-one had hitherto advanced this simple thesis, even before the recent Dark Age of Political Correctness closed in.
This reminds me of that paper put out recently that boldly stated that 'men and women are different'. Only in a retarded age such as our own is such stuff even necessary. No one in the past ever saw the need to do research into something so blindingly obvious.

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