Friday, July 06, 2007

Another Shot at the RIAA

I'm sympathetic to the RIAAs complaints, though their legally dubious, harassing tactics have always drained what little empathy I can muster for a group that represents heartless multinational conglomerates. However, it looks like at least some inroads are being made against them, from here:
It has now come to light that the case is taking a new turn, as Ms. Crain's attorney has filed a motion to amend their counterclaims to include new allegations against the RIAA and its investigative partners. According to court documents, Ms. Crain "has become aware upon information and belief that [the RIAA] have illegally employed unlicensed investigators in the State of Texas and used the information thereby obtained to file this and other similar actions across the country."

The article also mentioned the MPAA, but I don't think much of movie bootleggers since the movie industry is pretty effective at pricing their products. Although even decent movies can be had for under $10 at WalMart, the movie industry usually prices DVDs according to interest (i.e. quality), packaging (extras), and age. They aren't under the delusion that people want to pay $40 for a 20 year old B grade film, but for some reason their buddies in the RIAA continue to believe that Vanilla Ice's fifteen year old follow up album is worth $1 a track.

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