Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anime Watch - Lucky Star

I've taken to watching an anime show called Lucky Star (No Controlling Legal Authority Downloads). It's nominally geared towards (Japanese) girls, but it's more of a spoof of animes that are geared towards (Japanese) girls. I bummed this bit from the first episode to give you a little taste:

One of the big reasons I watch these toons is to check out cultural differences. Japan's culture has a lot of enviable traits (along with some rather not so enviable traits of course). Education means a lot more over there, and although I've seen this depicted before I still find it interesting:

What the students are doing is checking out their grades on the wall, i.e., their grades are on the wall for everyone to see. I've been trying to picture such a setup in the States since an idea like this goes so hard against American culture that it's fun to imagine such an improbable scenario. It ranks right up there with imagining what life would be like if the sky was green, though that in and of itself is probably more likely.

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