Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stay Out of the Bushes

With the latest immigration debacle debate I am officially off the Bush plantation and have made myself fully willing to believe all the worst things said about the man. Not helping this (I mean, besides bad mouthing some of his most ardent supporters) is the near delusional stuff his supporters have been putting out. A character who works at the White House named Kerrie Rushton has sent Rich Lowry at National Review a series of responses to blog posts that he's made. Some lowhigh lights:
Applying for Z status is NOT merely an option. Illegal immigrants may not even obtain probationary status without applying for the Z visa.
And what if said illegals determine there's nothing in it for them in doing so and they don't. What will you do then? Start deporting them? HA!
It’s also important to note a Z visa is not a green card or citizenship - recipients have no access to government benefits...
Yeah, and I'm the Pope of China.
...and they can be deported for crime.
Illegals aren't deported for crime, why would Z visa holders be any different?
Under The Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill, All U.S. Employers Will Be Required To Use EEVS To Verify Their Employees' Work Eligibility.
Even disregarding what I've heard that Employers cannot use the EEVS system to discriminate employment, I fail to see how the government will magically enforce this law given the fact that they don't even enforce the current lax laws.

Meanwhile, congress passed an actual law last year to begin building a robust border fence. What about that Bush? Another law you don't feel up to implementing?

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