Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Greenspan on Sarbox

From here :
You do not get a bill altered when the two names [Sarbanes and Oxley] are in the process of retiring. People are waiting until they are gone. Then, hopefully, changes will be made. Any bill that passes both houses almost unanimously, cannot be a good piece of legislation.
I'm hard pressed to come up with a counter example that proved him wrong. Unanimously approved legislation is typically well meaning and wrong headed ('civil rights', 'for the children', 'victims relief', etc.). Maybe an amendment is needed to require at least a 5%-10% vote failure for any given piece of legislation? That would certainly make for some interesting dynamics.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bizy Sandmich

Sorry for the dearth of posting for those of you who check the page regularly (get RSS already!), but I gave my first public presentation today on a topic that I'll not describe lest I bore you to tears.

Anyway, I got a trip to Indianapolis out of the deal (please, please, contain your jealousy!), so how about a few shots (the Sandmich LOVES eye candy*)?

As well, some lady was traveling with her adorable pooch!

A stewardess had the tag below on her luggage. I told her it was 'cute' when I asked to take a picture; but I figured later that 'cute' probably won't be the first thing that comes to mind by people seeing it:

GREEN ALERT! The TSA had to examine my carefully wrapped pickles that were a gift from my game developer buddy in order to ensure the safety of myself and my fellow (air) travelers:

I feel safer already! Who knows how many evil pickle jars have found their way onto airplanes? (Well, I do: ZERO)

As a bonus, I got to stay at the Indy Omni at a remarkably reduced rate. This was one of the handful of places that I've stayed that I thought was too good for me. People were going to the gym room wearing workout clothes that cost more than my dress clothes. This was also the first place I'd ever stayed at where there were TOO MANY pillows on the bed. At some point when I was down in the lobby I saw a large group coming in and many of them were following the same habit I typically do and had their own pillows. I felt like telling them that if they were paying the rack rate (+$200 a night), I think it's a reasonable expectation that the place can go through the trouble of coughing up a couple friggin' pillows for you (not that they'd need to).

*(Except for that Superman movie. What a floating turd of a film. That kind of mediocrity is acceptable in a five million dollar indy flick, but it was almost sickening to see so much money flushed down the john for so, so, so little in return.)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Non-Angry Muslims

From here:
September 15, 2006: Five Christian churches in Gaza and the West Bank were attacked by Moslems, upset over remarks by the Pope (who said that Moslems were violent).

I originally saw this story from a link my sister had sent me that said that Turkish Muslims were all PO'd from what the Pope had said. It's worth reminding everyone that when the Soviets decided to put a hit in on the previous Pope, they used a Turkish Muslim for the trigger man.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ugly Stick

Another face for radio, from MSN...

Could they have possibly found a worse publicity shot of Meredith Vieira?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bento - More

The bottom one is one of my favorites. I got a small tuna steak and grilled it up pretty raw rare. My wife asked a question she didn't want to know the answer to: "Is that cooked all the way?"

"Sure, why not?" sez I!

I thought the noodles I had gotten were Japanese soba noodles with taro root, but it turned out they were just regular Chinese noodles with food coloring.

As well in the bottom one, I put about two tablespoons of sake in my miso soup but it still came out tasting like bean and bacon soup.

Snake Booze

I think I've mentioned that Japanese snake liquor before, but it bears repeating: DISGUSTING:
Freaked out by the worm floating in that bottle of mescal tequila?

Then you’re probably too squeamish for the snake coiled up in a bottle of Okinawa awamori.
I wonder how 'popular' a product this would be were it not for the large number of Americans on Okinawa looking to buy something freaky.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Business Math

One way to tell how well run a place is, is to divide their revenue by their number of employees. On news that Microsoft had hired a bunch of people I decided to work their numbers, $44.3B a year in revenue divided by 71,553 = $618,121 generated per person (though I'd imagine that most of them don't see nearly that amount). I hopped over to GM to use the numbers from a notoriously poorly run company to compare; $205B / 335,000 = $611,940 - hardly a big difference, except for the fact that M$ had an outrageous net income of $12.6B (a 28% profit margin?!?! Holy Cripe...); while GM had a net loss of $11.2B (which roughly 100% of which can be traced to their ridiculously generous medical plan and ill thought out retirement plan).

More ratios:
Apple - $1,229,729 per employee (!)
Sony - $427,635 per employee (and they made money, Microsoft would be losing money if their employee output was that low).
P&G - $494,202 per employee (lower than I figured it would be, but P&G operates in a lot of low revenue places using inexpensive local labor)