Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Standing on the Corner...

Looks like more than one elected official is happy with the idea of the U.S. becoming a third world backwater, from here:
Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others got it right—the knaves have, by and large, behaved, and their actions largely reflect in some way the will of the American people. Americans do not need to engage their politicians in an uncivil way—as happens most elsewhere—since the ballot box, the media, and other constitutional tools largely suffice. Indeed, the American political system works remarkably well. However, there are a handful of topics where the elites do not act in the interests of those they govern. Of these, the most notorious is the contentious issue of immigration. Why are politicians so keen on mass immigration while the common American is not? This has perplexed analysts.
Whole thing is worth a read, but it will hardly tell you anything you don't already know, so maybe not.

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