Sunday, August 06, 2006

Safety First!

I don't think I've posted this before, but this is a pic of an industrial safety poster that I have hanging in my office:

Although gross at first, it's actually 'C' grade horror movie cheezy since you can see there is nothing in the sleeve that is in the machine, and the guy's arm is clearly visible inside his shirt. That hasn't stopped many a person from being shocked upon seeing it (apart from the shop floor manager who thought it'd do good posted out on the factory floor).

It's from a series of posters from ERI Video and I was fortunate enough to mooch this one before our last safety inspector left. She had a whole stack of them (including that nasty 'eyeball' looking one), but I think she threw them all out (the content, whatever it's appeal, is no doubt quite reduced for women, I'd imagine). The place that made the poster makes it's main money by selling cheezy videos, the plot on this one couldn't help but draw a chuckle from me:
This compelling new meeting opener shows how taking a shortcut to save time can have devastating consequences for you and your loved ones. Every Saturday, Ted missed his son Brad's little league baseball games because he had to work. When Brad's team made it to the championship game, Ted promised Brad he'd be there. On the day of the game, Ted had to decide whether to bypass a series of safety rules during a maintenance procedure so he could get to the game on time or follow the rules and arrive late. Viewers will see how the right choice allowed Ted to see Brad play and how the wrong choice cost him his life.
The right choice was, of course, calling in 'sick' to work.

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Justin said...

Coolest poster EVER.