Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bento - Variations

I've eaten so horribly lately (again) that I decided to try to do more bentos (again) . My first attempts were veggie centric and left me starving by the end of the day, the last attempt worked best (as far being filling) by rounding it out with a bigger bit of meat and using kim che for a 'vegetable'.

Also on the last attempt, I (mostly) followed a miso soup recipe out of my cookbook and put in a cut up slice of bacon instead of bonito flakes (flaked, dried fish). Along with a slight bit of sake I figured it was going to be a fairly revolutionary miso; it would change miso history and have the appeal of crack cocaine! When I finally got to taste it, it tasted like....bean with bacon soup, oh well.

On a side note, I stopped by the local Korean grocer expecting to find a treasure trove of kim che, but instead found a lame selection that was about the same as might be expected from a regular grocery store. I guess real Koreans make their own. One interesting tidbit is that although Koreans have been making kim che since the 7th century (supposedly), hot peppers didn't make it to the region until the mid-1600s. Before this time kim che would have been just regular old sauerkraut.

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