Monday, July 31, 2006

Two Things

Could sanity on the horizon for online music distribution? Yahoo is distributing a album without DRM in the MP3 format. There's been many a time when I've mulled over buying digital music from legitimate sources but have been turned off by the work involved in doing the ol' rip and burn (it's easier, I've found, to just buy the friggin' original CD). Leaving it in it's DRM format really isn't an option. What if your system dies, will the backup work on a new system? What happens in ten years when you find yourself on your fifth or sixth computer, will it still work then? Or even better, what happens when the company that DRM'd it doesn't support it or goes belly up and doesn't support any new codecs, players, etc.? You'd have a couple gigs of very expensive, worthless crap, that's what.

On a completely different subject Cox and Forkum point out an article that laments the fact that Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi was unable to convince the U.S. to push for a permanent security council seat for the Land of the Rising Sun. This points out how worthless the U.N. is when it doesn't consider a country with one of the largest economies and one of the largest militaries worthy of consideration. It also points out how diversity often equals lethargy since the U.N. is pulled in so many directions (mostly bad ones) that it's ability to do anything worthwhile is bound to offend someone. I figured if it meant that much to Koizumi though, then he could have the U.S.'s 'security council' seat.

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