Monday, July 17, 2006

Goodhearted Idiots

Someone needs to put this on billboards placed every twenty feet on every major highway:
Honesty and truly I say, there's nothing special about pull tabs [on soda cans] which makes them exchangeable for time on a dialysis machine. These bits of metal are worth nothing more than the ordinary recycle value of the aluminum they contain. Though rumor claims pull tabs are made of a special metal or have a "higher aluminum content" than the cans they accompany (thus accounting for their imagined greater value), there's nothing to this notion — the tabs are made from the same material as the cans.
A million pull tabs have a recycle value of just under $300 U.S. And that's before you factor in what it costs to collect, store, and transport them to a recycling center which will pay cash for them. When you consider the time and effort it takes to collect a million of anything, it's a wonder anyone would go to all that trouble for a mere $300. Far better to ask everyone you know for a penny in place of each pull tab they would have given you — at least then when you were done collecting your million, you'd have $10,000 to donate to your charity.
This is one of those things that I never bother to quash since, it doesn't make sense on it's face; I figure the person telling me this doesn't believe it themselves. I remember being told this yarn back in the sixth grade (twenty some years) and thinking it was a load of bull.

But it still comes up, so at least now I'll have URL to point people to; people are always grateful to be told their good intentions are a crock, right? I'll be the most popular person in Northeast Ohio, prepare to be jealous!

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