Monday, July 24, 2006

Full Final Fantasy Panic!

I've had this last Microsoft test hanging out over me for a couple months. It's structured differently and I figured I'd have a rough time of it, so I kept putting off the hardcore studying I figured was required to get through it. I slowly soaked up info here and there; but then over the July fourth holiday my brother came over and he got me into playing Final Fantasy X (yes I blame him :) ). Needless to say, studying and much else took a back seat to leveling up characters, riding chocobos and whatnot.

I had logged about, oh, 35 hours into the game (it helpfully keeps track of how much of your life you've p!ssed away playing it). I had a memory card for my FFX and my twelve year old son has one for his. You can see where this is going, he called me this past Thursday to let me know that he had gotten the cards backwards and had nuked all the saves on my card.


I figured it was a sign from God telling me that I should quit screwing around with Japanese anime-ware* and crank out that last test - to which I said 'screw that' and went out and bought a uniquely colored memory card that would ONLY be for my FFX saves and I bought a walkthrough manual as well and then I started back into it at the beginning.

Now I dutifully have my last test scheduled on some date on which I have no intention of taking it of course; and the night before I'm scheduled to take it for these past several months I log onto their site and punt the date down another two or three weeks. So I'm leveling up my FFX characters like mad last night on the Thunder plains and I determine that I would really rather play FFX than study for that test I have scheduled for the next day. I log onto their site and the test date is locked, cannot reschedule, cannot call since it’s the weekend. Welcome to Screwedville, population me.

So I cram like there's no tomorrow (after playing another half an hour of FFX) with the expectation that this will be the hardest test yet (70-298 for those keeping track). I'm nervous as hell going into it since I planned on cramming 15 hours and I spent maybe two, two and half hours looking over my notes.

The result: Crappiest, and thus easiest, test ever. I wish I could get that two and half hours back so that I could put them into my game. I've said it before on other Microsoft tests, but I mean it this time, half the test was "who is buried in Grant's tomb" B.S. type questions that someone who has never seen a computer could have gotten right. The other half were an amalgamation of ‘greatest hits’ questions from previous (sometimes two previous) exams. So easy were the first few questions that I determined after answering only half the questions that it was mathematically impossible for me to fail.

I promised myself that I’d take some extra tests this year, but I think me and my brain are done for now. Of course all it takes is a mild business downturn and the possibility of missing a meal to refocus the mind!

*(From what I’ve read, this game had strong(er) religious overtones in its original Japanese iteration. I dare say that if the country of origin wasn’t taken into consideration and a more faithful port was performed that it might be viewed as having a very strong Christian (albeit anti-Catholic) storyline)

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