Saturday, July 15, 2006

Free Time

Dvorak notes this video where someone edited the skateboards out of video. Although a technical feat, I have to wonder there the creator got the time to make something so frivolous.

As well, I was NASA again today for an event, and the presenter was having issues with the playback on the projector of what was obviously an encoded video of some sort (probably DivX). The other presenter cracked about how the pause in the action is no doubt thanks to Microsoft. I cracked semi-silently to myself that they couldn't fool me; it was no doubt a Mac up there that was choking on the video*. Then the woman in front of me turns around and says "no, that's why we have Macs!"

WTF? A friggin' Mac zealot! I felt the need to stand up......for.....Microsoft? Screw that says I. The Sandmich refuses to be a whore for any corporation (except for maybe that Skyline Chili place and whatever place I happen to be working for). Where do these Mac people get off thinking that it's a worthwhile pursuit to plug a multinational corporation, for free? Don't they know there are real religions out there with much more well meaning dogmas?

However, along those same lines I occasionally see (typically Japanese) artwork of OS-chans which are inspired mascotts (typically scantily clad anime girls) based upon a particular (typically Microsoft) OS. The whole idea leaves me puzzled. Is there so little in the world from which to draw inspiration from, and so much free time that there's nothing better to do than make your own ads up for Microsoft? I caught a picture of some girl though who took it to the next level and made her own cosplay outfit based upon the idea, oy!

I got that pic from this cosplay site. Go on and click it you perv, I know you like girls that dress up like Sailor Moon!

*The joke being of course, that a Mac would only be able to play back video that's been encoded by some software that only three people on the planet own. Usually Mac people have more humility than to whip it out in public.


thismarty said...

Don't they know there are real religions out there with much more well meaning dogmas?

Having never met a religious dogma that I would classify as "well meaning" in light of its history or positions, I'm curious to know of any examples you could provide.

Evil Sandmich said...

I was gonna write that any zealotry is better than Mac zealotry, apart from Satanism; but I decided that was too hard on Satanists :)

thismarty said...

Everybody beats up on he Satanists. Keeps em' tough.