Wednesday, June 21, 2006


In relation to the angst filled f8ggotry debate within the Episcopal church, the Bishop elect made a sermon which has been (I guess) all the rage within the communion (emphasis mine):
As I returned to my hotel, I reflected on all those meetings [of greeting strangers on the street]. There was some degree of wariness in most of them. There were small glimpses of a reconciled world in our willingness to greet each other. But the unrealized possibility of a real relationship -- whether in response of wariness, or caution, or fear -- meant that we still had a very long way to go.

Can we dream of a world where all creatures, human and not, can meet each other in a stance that is not tinged with fear?
Not while chickens and Mr. Kendall both exist on the same planet! (Or Arabs and anyone - HEY-OOOO!)*

Really now. I'm always amused by these theology debates by the Episcopalians because they proceed as if they still actually believe in something. It's like a guy who has lost his arms and is debating what kind of ring to get.

*(I'm reminded of Groundskeeper Willie's line: "Brothers and sisters are natrual enemys, just like English and Scots, or Welsh and Scots, or Japanese and Scots, or Scots and Scots, dam Scots, they ruined Scotland!". May not be exact, I couldn't find a reliable quote).

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Eric Kendall said...

If there's a chicken left in the world that I haven't eaten, it's because I haven't met him and eaten him yet.