Thursday, June 08, 2006

Unbento Watch

The local Indian grocer down the road sells Indian MREs and I've found their lunchtime preparation much easier to handle than the Japanese equivalents. Think of it like a vacu-sealed donburi that, despite the different pictures on the front of the boxes, always tastes like curry. I sought to change up this taste sameness by picking up some 'pickles' at the Indian grocer. Here's my first (and probably last) attempt at using the pickle:

Now from my experience with canned Mexican goods I naturally figured the red in my 'lime and ginger' pickle was tomato. So here's a quick quiz, what's the 'red' in the pickle?
  1. Tomato with some chili
  2. Radiation. This makes more sense since 'lime and ginger' is better translated from Indian as 'spent nuclear fuel rods' which would not only explain the heat, but also the other-worldly flavor that accompanies the condiment.

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