Monday, June 19, 2006

Steal Microsoft's Money

I always had a faint interest in a professional web page; something that I could point possible employers at, or others who might have some sort of professional interest in my work. I could never justify the expense though, especially for a site that I would rarely change and less frequently reference. However, Microsoft removed all my excuses by putting out an offer to host a web site to my own registered domain for free. I still got my rev 1.3b up, but it's not too bad (I'm open to suggestions).

Of course with free, there are some caveats. Firstly, and most importantly, you'll never see any code when you put your site together. This makes it easy to assemble, but nearly impossible to completely customize (i.e. when you try to keep it from looking like everyone else's page that is hosted on the site). The hosting technology is based off of Microsoft's Sharepoint services; but they've noticeably gutted the selections of functions that are available with the whole package (which itself is free, I've even seen web sites that use it as their hosting solution). They've removed the parts that might allow you to use a blogging function as well as art and customizable HTML pieces.

Still, not a bad deal considering the price; and it’s a way to get money out of a soulless corporate behemoth. Why, it’d be a sin not to sign up :)

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