Friday, June 02, 2006

School Rage

Is there no end to this guilty, white liberal B.S.? From here:
The 54-year-old [guilty, rich, white] homeowner in San Francisco's Castro district believes it's critical that children of all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds be educated together. The software designer said he has never voted against any education measure in his life.

But, he said, he believes that even the city's best public schools are overcrowded and underfunded. And despite his belief in the importance of public education, he must do what's best for his three daughters -- so he sends them to private schools.

"There's very little in life that's as important to me as my kids' education. It's a sacrifice you make, and it pays off," he said, noting he nonetheless has nagging concerns that his daughters aren't experiencing diversity in their classrooms. "I don't want my kids in an elite, privileged environment where they don't spend time with people who are different from them. ... But that's the reality, and it bothers me."
"It bothers me". Cripe. I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation personally with people. They feed me the lines like "money shouldn't be taken out of public schools" and "we should believe in our community schools" and crap like that. When confronted with the fact that either they themselves went to a private school and/or they send their kids to a private school I'd get a response which, thus far, hasn't warranted remembering. Here's an idea blockheads, how about letting the other people trapped in your 'peoples paradise' schools have a shot at attending a decent school as well?

How about another serving?
Crosley and his wife, Claudia Stern, a financial consultant, get some tuition assistance to cover the total bill of about $70,000 a year.
Last year, 29.3 percent of the city's [San Francisco] school-age population went to private or religious schools. About 10 percent of children nationwide and 8.7 percent of those in California attend private or parochial schools. Marin County has the second-highest rate in the state at 18.7 percent, followed by San Mateo at 15.4 percent and Napa at 13.4 percent.
The most liberal city in America has one of the highest rates of private school attendance, why am I not surprised?

Read the whole thing if you want an extra tall helping of liberal arrogance.

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