Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Proper Punishment

From here:
The practical consequences of this answer make Western intelligence services shudder: "If anyone, the United States or even Israel, gets the idea to bomb the Iranian nuclear weapons program back 10 years into the past, then God help us," says a Western intelligence officer. "Then the Mullahs will unleash their guard dogs worldwide. They will equip and support all Shi'ite terrorist networks with the Sunni networks globally, that is, with everything that they have. For us it would be the ultimate worst-case scenario, one for which we are not prepared."
Not prepared? Or not ballzy enough to deal with it properly. This and much else smells like that now famous article that laid much of western incompetence at the feet of white guilt.

One only has to ask themselves how China would deal with a third world ding bat who was cooking up some nukes to use on them. Would they negotiate forever in the pointless hope that a settlement might be reached?

Imagine if the U.S. firebombed an Iranian city, killed everyone in it and then we told them to relinquish their nuclear hopes. The leaders would undoubtedly rally their people and say that everyone in the country is willing to sacrifice their lives for the will of the dictators Allah; at which point we say "have it your way". Undoubtedly the Iranians would have some nasty card to play, but we'd win after either A) they surrendered or B) we ran out of Iranians to bomb. I don't necessarily advocate this position but this lack of will to punish unfortunately extends beyond the dealings of backwater countries that are just as easily ignored as they are dealt with.
Such as the punishment for congressmen who take bribes. Suggestion: Public flogging. Or how about Presidents who can't see their way through to defending the nation's border? Public flogging. Supreme Court justices who use the phrase 'International Law' in their opinions? That's right, public flogging.

So goes my boredom with every current debate. Everyone knows a much better solution, but too many people want to be able to pretend how nice they are for just one more day (and assuage their white guilt) and then flap their gums in a boring effort to talk the issue to death. Let me know when those idiots are done feeling guilty so that the issues of the day can be properly dealt with.