Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Proving my tattoo point from an earlier post that I don't feel like finding, the E-Man sends me this link:
The touchy-feely, quasi-spiritual trend of getting Asian-language tattoos became popular in the 1990s. For many youngsters, or for people who wanted to feel young, a tat with the characters for “peace” and “truth” seemed just the thing.

But now that the fad-following hipsters of a decade and a half ago have graduated to jobs and families, they are going to tattoo-removal specialists in droves, trying to erase an embarrassing reminder of the mistake they made one drunken night so many years ago: They were permanently inked with an Asian-language word that didn’t say quite what they thought it did.
Well duh. At least most Asians have common sense enough to wear their engrish on a t-shirt or something instead of getting it permanently inked into their skin.
This bit is good too...
And Morel predicts the next big tattoo fad people will want off.

"It's like the lower-back tattoo — the tramp stamp — probably will be."

In other 'news', check out this guy's job title on this page:
Lucas Magder, .NET Evangelism Assistant, Microsoft Corporation
A .Net evangelical, huh? Think what you want about religious types, but when someone has found their true faith within a programming language that is surely a sign of a troubled soul. I can hear it now: "Repent from your IBM programming ways! Give unto Bill and let his dark malevolence rain down upon you!"

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Matty D said...

"Tattoo on the lower back...might as well be a bulls-eye."
-Wedding Crashers