Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Interesting Ohio Votin'

I love this picture:

This is no doubt less an endorsement than a candid picture that Ken Blackwell had shot on the fly, but it's interesting that he knew enough to figure that a picture of him with Ollie North might, just might, appeal to the people who were voting in the primary. If Jim Petro is sittin' around scratchin' his head wondering why he lost, he can look at this picture and realize that he provided absolutely no reason for anyone to vote for him apart from A) He's not Ken Blackwell and B) He exists.

Interesting too that lazy, establishment Republican types hate the Blackwells of the party, even though it's only through the efforts of strong conservatives that they even hold office. After all, would Betty Montgomery have a job were it not for the efforts of (the now insane) George Voinovich? Would Arlen Spectre be chairman of the Senate judiciary committee were it not for Newt Gingrich?

One other point I've found interesting is with the race situation. Black conservatives get tarred for not being sufficiently 'black', yet they seem to be some of the strongest proponents for their ethnic group. Blackwell's (and other black conservative) thinking tends to seem like "I'm a black person whose had to put up with guilty white and victim black BS my whole life. I'm a black person who kicks ass, and therefore other black people can kick ass as well. Quit making excuses and tell whitey where to shove that liberal crap that has doomed so many of us to the ghetto."*

*(Interesting too that when a black liberal runs, there's no talk in the media about race, because, you know, only a bigot would bring up such a thing. Since Blackwell has been running though, I can't count the number of stories I've read/heard/seen about how 'ultra-conservative' Blackwell, WHO HAPPENS TO BE BLACK AND WILL LOSE VOTES AS A RESULT, will have a tough time winning.)


Matty D said...

I would agree with you on the footnote were it not for the victory of Barack Obama in his Illinois Senate race. Granted, more media attention was given to him once Alan Keyes entered the race, but what first got him on the radar was his speech at the 2004 DNC.

Evil Sandmich said...

But I don't remember the media harping at the time about how white people won't vite for a black man when Obama was running. It was more along the lines of "oh he's black, and you won't vote against a black man will you? That would make you a bigot!" (i.e., it's the rgular media bias)

Not to say they didn't note that fact, I only half kept in interest in that race.